The Process of Professional Vehicle Protection

BMW M3 Gets Clear Bra

When you are talking about a clear bra installation, the true sign of a professional job is that you can't even tell the paint protection is on the car. As with every job at Clear Bra Ohio, that was the objective with this beautiful BMW M3. 

This BMW M3 was beautiful when it arrived and it should be just as great looking when it leaves with the protection in place. You shouldn't have to sacrifice the flawless looks of your car just to have protection. Our goal is to implement the protection in a way that is nearly undetectable. We do this through the use of custom cut pieces of paint protection installed by industry pros with a passion for perfection.

Professional Clear Bra Installation

A job that is hard to detect begins with using large enough pieces of paint protection to fully cover each panel that the material will be applied to. 

Clear Bra Job Professionally installed

After we completed the install, we preserved the entire car with a Opti-Coat Pro Plus coating for the paint and wheels. Now, the paint is protected, but it also has awesome clarity and reflection in the paint from the Opti-Coat. Not only didn't protecting this car take away from the beauty, this car is actually more beautiful after the installation of Xpel Ultimate paint protection and Opti-Coat paint coatings.

Professional Paint Protection Job

Check out how great this car looks after the installation and watch this short video that captures the process of protecting and preserving this great car.

There is a difference in paint protection films, paint coatings and the installation process. At Clear Bra Ohio, we only use the finest materials from Xpel, Opti-Coat and others. Then, we ensure they are being installed by trained professionals to the highest standards. Protection doesn't have to be unsightly. Call us today at (937) 271-8366 to see how to protect and preserve your vehicle while keeping it looking beautiful. 

Beautiful BMW M3 Gets Xpel Ultimate Paint Protection