2016 Mercedes AMG GTS Protected with Xpel Ultimate Paint Protection

Let's face it, this is one stunning car! When you have a car that looks like this, you definitely want to keep it looking that way. Not only for yourself, but to preserve the investment value by keeping it as close to perfect as possible. 

Mercedes AMG GTS gets Xpel Paint Protection

With that in mind, this client chose to have us install full front end protection with Xpel Ultimate paint protection film. Why Xpel? Lots of companies sell paint protection film, what makes Xpel so special? Two things. First, protection is important, but so is the way it looks. Xpel offers great protection and it is nearly invisible on the car. Second, Xpel's workability means that we can install larger pieces successfully eliminating the need for unsightly seams. 

Mercedes AMG GTS gets Xpel paint protection 2

The first thing we do when preparing a car to get covered with paint protection is the removal of grilles, vent covers, etc. This allows us the ability to install the material fully and completely hide the edges once the car is reassembled. Here you see the AMG GTS with the hood and fender vents removed. 

Mercedes AMG GTS gets Xpel Paint Protection 3

Now, we can start installing the Xpel paint protection. We use large, bulk pieces of material so that we can fully cover the surface and hide and seams or edges. This is more difficult than installing a simple kit, but the end result is night and day. Not only will this vehicle be protected, it will be just as beautiful after the install as it was before. Check out some of the other pictures below showing the fenders being covered this way as well. 

Mercedes AMG GTS gets Xpel Paint Protection 4
Mercedes AMG GTS gets Xpel Paint Protection 5

The end result is a protected car that has no visible lines or seams. Check out the pictures below. Can you see any sign of the Xpel paint protection?

Mercedes AMG GTS gets XPel paint protection 6
Mercedes AMG GTS gets Xpel Paint Protection

There is a difference in paint protection films and the installation process. At Clear Bra Ohio, we only use the best materials and ensure they are being installed to the highest standards. That is why clients bring vehicles like this AMG GTS to us to be protected. Protection doesn't have to be unsightly. Call us today at (937) 271-8366 to see how to protect and preserve your vehicle while keeping it looking beautiful.