Even the Future Needs Protection

Even a futuristic car like the new Tesla Model X needs protected from the elements, road debris and a runaway shopping cart. That is why the owner of this brand new beautiful example brought it to Clear Bra Ohio to be protected. After consultation, the owner decided to have the entire car covered with Xpel Ultimate paint protection film and the back of the front seats protected and enhanced with Xpel Stealth matte paint protection.

Well, lots to do, so lets get started! We began the process by doing a complete prep of the car's painted surfaces. Then, we began applying the film.

We use bulk pieces of the paint protection film so that we can cover entire surfaces without having any seams. We work one panel at a time and hide the edges at the end of the panel in a proprietary way that Clear Bra Ohio has perfected over years of installing these films.

The large body panels like the hood require very large pieces of material and are always a two man job to get applied cleanly.

After the film is on the panel, we work slowly and methodically to contour the film to each panel and hide all seam from view. As you can see from the pictures below, the end result is that the vehicle is just as stunning as before, but now wears a coat of protection to keep it looking that way. 

Setbacks are protected and enhanced through the use of Xpel Stealth matte paint protection. Not only do they look great with the matte finish, but they will not be scratched by every errant foot or bag in the back seats.

All you can see is beautiful paint and no seams. That is what a quality paint protection film application should look like.

There is a difference in paint protection films and the installation process. At Clear Bra Ohio, we only use the finest materials from Xpel and others. Then, we ensure they are being installed by trained professionals to the highest standards. Proper protection doesn't have to be unsightly. Check out this video of the process:

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