The End Result is Only as Good as the Foundation


Most would agree that it makes no sense to build a beautiful house on a cracked foundation. However, that same principle applies to your vehicle’s finish. If you invest in the very best ceramic paint coating but it is covering an imperfect finish, what have you accomplished?

At Clear Bra Ohio we understand that the end result is dependent on the underlying foundation. That is why we spend so much time to get the paint correction step right. As you can see from the pictures and video below, there is a big difference between a vehicle finish just being ok and one being outstanding.

Check out this video that shows the before and after side by side on the same panel, with the same light. The differences are night and day.

So, don’t protect and imperfect finish. Bring your vehicle to Clear Bra Ohio to get your finish properly corrected BEFORE you move on to protect it. Contact us today at 513-580-8365 to learn more and to schedule an appointment for your vehicle.