Don't Be Taken For a Ride and Waste Your Hard Earned Money.

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We have seen a disturbing trend recently. In the past several weeks, four cars have come to Clear Bra Ohio that had purchased a ceramic paint coating from other shops. While we respect good competition, we felt it necessary to send a cautionary message out about the type of work being done. We care about this industry and do not want to see you pay good money and get a sub-par result.

The primary issue is that these ceramic coatings are being applied directly over flawed painted surfaces. The only thing this achieves is to seal these flaws beneath a protective coating. The proper sequence should always be to correct the paint BEFORE the ceramic coating is applied.

So, why do many shops not perform this critical step. Frankly, it is because it is time consuming and most do not know how to properly correct automotive paint. Also, many of them have just added ceramic coatings as a secondary offering to their main business. They are not required by many of the coating manufacturers to know anything about paint correction to be certified, so it is just easier for them to bypass this step.

At Clear Bra Ohio, we spend time and money being trained by the best people in the country to ensure we can provide our clients with the best possible end result. You simply cannot achieve the best results without having a paint correction step before you apply a paint coating. You can see the impact this step can have by checking out the article HERE.


In our opinion, the worst part is that we are seeing many of these shops charging top Dollar while skipping this step. We offer the proper, complete, process at a price that is competitive and often less expensive than other shops that are skipping this critical step.

So, don’t make a mistake and end up protecting an imperfect finish. Bring your vehicle to Clear Bra Ohio to get your finish properly corrected BEFORE having it protected with a paint coating. If you have any questions, would like more information or want to schedule an appointment, contact us today at 513-580-8365.