Precision Driven by Proven Products and Techniques


I have been cleaning vehicles since I have been 16 years old. Even during my time serving in the military I would clean up cars during my spare time. After the military, I started my own business and now have 25+ years in the automotive care business.

So, why do I tell you all of these things? I mention this to let you know that over these years I have just about tried every product and technique used in the paint protection film and paint coating industries. I have taken all of this information to ensure that Clear Bra Ohio is continually evaluating the products we are using and the techniques we utilize with the goal of providing our customers the very best results possible.

The only way to provide the best results is by challenging ourselves daily to become better craftsman. In addition, we continue to test and evaluate products as they become available to ensure we are using the best.

Providing good results is not that difficult. Our goal is to provide great results and there is a big difference between good and great. If you want to experience how great your vehicle can look, call us today at (513) 580-8365 to learn more or schedule an appointment. Find out why we are the #1 provider of paint protection film and paint coatings in Ohio.