What Comes First? The Clear Bra or the Ceramic Paint Coating?


As paint protection films and ceramic paint coatings have evolved, many shops have begun offering these two services together. Over two years ago, we began offering these two products together as we feel that they work hand in hand to offer our customers the best combination of appearance, protection and longevity.

While they both offer protection for a vehicle's paint, they do totally different things. The paint protection film helps prevent rock chips and damage in a way that ceramic coating cannot do. The ceramic paint coating helps protect the surface gloss and actually helps preserve the paint protection film it is applied to. However, we are often asked which one of these processes should be done first. So, here is a brief article we thought we would write to cover that topic.

In every instance where both of these products will be used, the paint protection film should be installed first and the ceramic paint coating applied afterward over the entire vehicle. The reasoning for this is two fold. First, the ceramic paint coating serves to actually protect the underlying paint protection film and increase the looks and longevity of that product. Second, if the ceramic paint coating is applied first, the paint protection film will have a difficult time adhering to the coated panel. In fact, If a car was previously coated, we need to actually somewhat remove the coating before paint protection film can be applied to ensure proper adhesion.

We hope that this helps clear up any confusion on this topic. The ultimate is to have both products applied correctly to give you the best, longest lasting results. Please give us a call if you have any questions on this topic or anything else related to paint protection film and ceramic paint coating.

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