Range Rover Gets the Vehicle Protection Trifecta

One of the best times to implement protection on a vehicle is when it is brand new. That was the case with this Range Rover. The owner had just taken delivery one week prior to scheduling for us to fully protect their new investment. After consultation, the decision was made to completely clean and protect the interior carpets with Opti-Guard Fabric. Clean and Protect the interior leather and vinyl with Opti-Guard Leather & Vinyl. We will then install a front end clear bra using 3M Scotchguard Pro Series paint protection film and protect the exterior painted surfaces, wheels and brake calipers with Opti-Coat Paint Coating. 

That's a lot of work, so let's get started! The first thing we do is remove the badging and get the vehicle ready for a thorough cleaning. 

We remove the badges not only to thoroughly clean, but to enable us to create a seamless and fully covered paint protection and paint coating installation. The badge will then be re-installed. 

After the badges are removed, we thoroughly clean the interior and exterior of the vehicle and inspect for paint damage that will need to be corrected before we install the paint protection film and paint coating. In the case of this Range Rover, we needed to do paint correction to remove some swirl marks and water spotting created while the car was on the dealer's lot.

After we have the paint corrected from any pre-existing damage, We install the paint protection film. Our team at Clear Bra Ohio is fully factory trained and certified to provide you the best installation possible. We install the film in such a way that it will be as unnoticeable as possible given the protection package you choose. There is a difference in materials, installation skill and pattern design and it can have a huge impact on how well a paint protection install fits and whether it is noticeable or not.

Now comes the step of coating the entire painted surface as well as the wheels and brake calipers. If you want to keep your car protected from damage and looking great, Opti-Coat Pro  and Opti-Coat Pro  Plus are the clear choice. Opti-Coat Pro Plus was used on the exterior painted surfaces as it provides the ultimate in gloss and protection.

After the Opti-Coat is applied to the exterior and the Opti-Guard to the interior, it is time to re-install the badges and deliver this fully protected car to the owner. Great protection shouldn't take away from your vehicle's looks. Check out this Range Rover in the pictures and video below. It's never looked better and now it is fully protected and ready to face life on the road in Ohio. 


Check out this brief video that shows an overview of the process.

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