Why Does it Seem Like Vehicle Paint Chips So Easily Now?

Clear Bra Ohio Paint Chips.jpg

You just brought home your new pride and joy from the dealership and have promised that you are going to take much better care of this vehicle that you did your last. However, before the honeymoon is even over, you begin to notice some paint chips on the hood, bumper and other high wear areas. If you think that car paint chips and is damaged more easily today than in years past, you are right. There are a variety of reasons for this, but we wanted to cover three of the more prominent in our area.

  1. Reduced Quality of the Paint Being Used - Believe it or not, the picture above is from a Porsche Panamera with only 6000 miles on it since new. As you can see, the paint is already chipping along the bumper a fair amount. Why is this happening even on such a high end car?

    The reality is that as a result of health and environmental regulations, manufacturers have had to move away from more durable, solvent-based paint to more environmentally friendly water-based paints. While these paint can be made to look as good as what they are replacing, time has shown them to be much more susceptible to small impact damage like you see in the picture above.

  2. Less Paint Being Applied to Vehicle Surface - The robotic modernization of the plants has allowed the manufacturers to become much more efficient in their vehicle builds. One area that is now done primarily by robots is the painting of a vehicle, These robots can be programed to only apply the precise amount to give the car the desired finish and no more. This differs from a manual process when a person may have applied several coats to achieve the finish they deemed appropriate.

    The net result of this is that less overall paint is being applied to the vehicle. Sure, the finish looks great, because of the precise application, but the layer of paint is very thin. This leaves the finish very susceptible to minor damage chipping all the way through to the primer layer like you see in the photo above.

  3. Increased Negative Environmental Factors - Living in Ohio, we are all aware of the condition of the roads for much of the year. The Winter weather plays havoc on road surfaces and creates more opportunity for rock damage. In addition, the use of rock salt and ice melting chemicals can damage your paint as well. Finally, many modern car washed utilize harsh chemical to get your vehicle clean at the sacrifice of damaging your finish.

When you combine these contributing factors along with the lower quality of paint, it is no surprise that paint is becoming damaged much faster and more easily today. That is where we come in to help prevent, protect and preserve your vehicle’s finish.

We offer paint correction, paint protection and paint coating services designed to help reduce or eliminate the damage to your paint before it even starts. That is why many of our clients utilize our free loaner car service and bring their new vehicles here directly from the dealership. That way, we can get the protection in place BEFORE any damage occurs.

There is no better time than now to prevent or stop your vehicle’s paint from becoming damaged. Winter is at the doorstep. Make an appointment today to get this protection applied. Your vehicle will thank you! You can reach us at 513-580-8365 for more information or to schedule an appointment.