Suntek Clear Bra Gives this Corvette Protection from Bullies

Nobody likes a bully. In most cases, they only act tough when no one is standing up to them. Well, the bullies we are talking about are not the kids on your elementary school playground, they are the road hazards that your car is subjected to every day. Rocks, bugs, bad parallel parkers, you name it. Life in the real world is very hard on your vehicles finish. 

That is where Clear Bra Ohio comes in. We install protection that stands up to the bullies of the road and protects your car from the damage they bring. The owner of this Corvette wanted to make sure his new baby was protected, so we installed a complete front end with Suntek Paint Protection Film. He also wanted us to replace the film installed on the rocker panels at the factory that typically turns yellow after several years. 

To get started, we removed the factory film from the rockers. This was done with steam to eliminate any potential for damage being done to the paint.


After all the factory film and any residue was removed, we began to prep the vehicle for the installation. One big step in the preparation is to clay bar the painted surface the film will be applied to. This removes any and all surface contaminants from the paint before you apply the film. This step assured that you will not be leaving contaminants that will be permanently trapped beneath the film.

Now we get the car positioned on ramps to begin the installation. The ramps help us to be able to  see the lower parts of the bumper and work on them at a level that we can truly pay attention to the detail.

Now, we are ready to begin the installation. The Clear Bra Ohio team works on each section meticulously making sure that every effort is made to apply the protection in a way that is barely detectable after the installation. Check out the pictures below of the installation process.


We also remove the hood event for the install. This allows us to tuck the hood piece behind the vent for a seamless look and be able to do the intricate installation on the vent louvers. 

In the end, all of this attention to detail will leave you with a car that is protected from what is waiting for it on the road, but that looks the same as the car did before the protection was added.  Quality installations with premium products do not have to be unsightly. If you have seen bad clear bra jobs in the past and that made the assumption that they are all this way, I urge you to come down and see the work we do at Clear Bra Ohio first hand. This is what a finished car should look like!

Call us today at (937) 271-8366 or visit our website at to see how to protect and preserve your vehicle while keeping it looking beautiful. There is a difference. Choose the best. Clear Bra Ohio.