Attention to Detail is What Sets Clear Bra Ohio Apart

Many companies can install paint protection film, but Clear Bra Ohio takes the extra time and effort to ensure you get the best possible result. This quick video shows several of the areas where lesser companies might leave noticeable material seams in the film installation. You can see from the video that Clear Bra Ohio works hard to make sure that seams are hidden as much as possible. Our goal is to have your vehicle be protected without even being able to tell the material is installed.

We have also included some pictures below to show the installation process with close-ups of areas where seas might be typical in a lesser install. 

Often, in an area like this, you will notice a larger circle cut-out to go around the antenna post. We customize the opening such that we can yuck the seam neatly under the factory rubber boot. This leaves and install that gives no trace of the material and the edge is protected under the post boot. 

If you are going to get paint protection film installed, don't settle for anything but the best possible outcome. There is a difference! When you are ready for the very best, call Clear Bra Ohio at (937) 271-8366 or email us at to learn more about our services and pricing.