Forbes Magazine Says Paint Protection Film is An Investment In Your Vehicle's Future


Forbes Magazine recently published an article entitled “Paint Protection Film (PPF): An Investment In Your Car's Future”. The article is written from a perspective of an automotive enthusiast that has experience utilizing a vehicle for years with no paint protection and now has become a believer. We wanted to summarize the article as it raises some questions that we often hear and make some points about the nature of paint protection in 2019.

The first thing the article does is define what paint protection film is. As the article says, “Paint protection film, also referred to as clear bra or a "wrap", is a thin layer of flexible material placed over a vehicle's body panels to protect them from flying rocks or road debris. This type of protective film can even save your car's paint from light hail damage or low-speed scrapes that would normally scratch and scar the finish. And while various forms of paint protection film have been around for more than two decades, the technology behind these films has evolved rapidly in recent years.”

The first point we wanted to make is that the article is accurate is saying these films have been evolving rapidly. The team at Clear Bra Ohio has been installing paint protection films for over 18 years and we have seen the quality and appearance of these films improve dramatically. Older generations did not conform as well and that made installations more challenging. The result was often installations that had visual imperfections as a result of trying to get the film to conform and stay in place. The newer films both conform better and have new generation adhesives that allow the film to be laid down with less stretching and have adhesive to keep the film in place once locked in. In addition, the older films often took on a dull or yellow appearance. The newer technologies have better clarity and do not discolor as previous generations.

The article goes on to tell the author’s story of the mistake of not using paint protection film on his first Ford GT. As he writes, “Fourteen years ago I bought a new Ford GT, an exotic sports car with a big price tag. As the most expensive car I'd ever purchased I was eager to maintain its "like new" condition, though I also intended to drive it like a regular car. I knew about paint protection film back in 2005, but I had heard enough reports involving the film yellowing or bubbling, or leaving a nasty residue when it was removed, that I didn't put it on my GT. Over the next 13 years I drove my Ford GT 31,000 miles, and while the paint continued to look good from 10 feet away, any careful inspection showed a rash of chips and scratches on the GT's front end and lower side panels.”

After making this mistake on this beautiful Ford GT, the writer was intent not to have the same thing happen when he purchased a 2018 Dodge Challenger SRT Demon. With the combination of gloss and matte finishes, the writer was worried about damage on this rare car. As the owner writes, “My anxiety over the Demon's delicate paint pushed me into finally giving paint protection film a try. I asked a local detailing shop to install the film. (They) specialized in high-end automotive services, including paint repair, color correction, clear bra (PPF) installation, ceramic coatings and window tinting. It's been just over a year since I had those services performed, and I'm thrilled with the result. The paint protection film has kept my Demon's paint looking brand new, and the ceramic coating on the film and wheels makes cleaning the car a breeze. Everything from splattered bugs to bird droppings to brake dust wipes off easily. My stress level when driving the Demon (or squeezing past it in my cramped garage) is substantially lower because I know the PPF is there, giving my paint an extra layer of protection against chips and scratches.”

At Clear Bra Ohio, we are experts in not only paint protection film, but also paint correction and ceramic paint coating. We examine every vehicle and determine exactly what is needed to make the vehicle look as good as possible and then offer protection to keep it looking that way.

As the author summarizes after he had his 2019 Ford GT protected, “If you own, or plan to buy, a high-end vehicle I would suggest getting your vehicle wrapped in paint protection film. The technology has come a long way in recent years, making the films durable enough to last between 5 and 10 years without yellowing, bubbling or leaving a residue on your paint when it is removed. I only wish today's PPF technology had been around when I bought my first Ford GT in August of 2005.”

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