Buyer Beware - What to look for when choosing a ClearBra

There are two very important choices that you should consider when investing in a clear bra. The product and the installer. You could have the best product in the world and have a inexperienced installer ruin the job or you could have the most qualified experienced installer use the worst film and ruin the job. It's an obvious choice that you want the best product installed by the most experienced installer. 

Where to Start

So what are you to do, when there seems to be a lot of choices and promises? At ClearBraOhio, we feel that education is the foundation of our success.  Educating ourselves about the industry, manufactures, different product and new techniques, keep us ranked #1 in our field. Educating our customers, so they can feel good about their choice, forges a long relationship and trust that earns your business and word of mouth of your experience to earn business from others. Whether you choose ClearBraOhio as your installer or another, we want to make sure you have the tools and knowledge to make your best choice and your investment pay off. 

The Right Product

When we talk about "Product" we are talking about the actual paint protection film. The concept has been around since the Vietnam war, when 3M first developed a urethane material to protect military vehicles from debris. Most notably the use of the film was primarily to protect helicopter blade edges to reduce the damaged caused by dirt, dust and debris.  It wasn't until the 1990's that it evolved to replace the old style car bras that we made of vinyl and sometimes leather. The last 20 years has seen a steady evolution of new polymers and properties with two industry leaders emerging 3M and Xpel. These two companies have paved the way to the development of new technologies, like self healing properties and micro channels. This is where we suggest that you do your research and not just take our word for it. As with any great products, there will always be copy cats and replicas. We have seen and tested just about every other product manufacture out there, and we can honestly say you will get what you pay for.  Some of these other films, are so cheap that even if they offered a warranty on the actual film, they could replace more than half and still be making a profit from you, and you would be stuck with having to find an installer that can safely take it off and put the same substandard product back on. Remember this when you are researching paint protection film and clear bras, cheap is NOT always the best option and in the long term, may cost you twice in the end.

The Right Installer

The second most critical factor is finding an experienced and preferably an accredited installer. Paint film requires a tremendously verse skillset and product knowledge. The installer must know the limits and techniques of each product. Unless your car is shaped like a rectangle or a window pane (i.e flat) there are 100's of techniques that an experienced installer must use in order to properly adhere and install the film. There are some techniques that you can use with 3M that you cant with Xpel and vice versa. This knowledge coupled with the uniqueness of your car, is only learned by experience. So how do you find the right installer? Ask him or her for references. Look for customer reviews online. If a business does not have a social following, such as Google+, Facebook, LinkedIn, then turn to search engines and forums in your area.  Don't trust what an installer says, trust what they do and what other's have seen or experienced.  A reputable installer should have a portfolio they are proud to show you and they should have multiple references they are happy to share with you.  Other things you can look for are BBB complaints, Angie's List and other review sites.  Check the age of their website and domain. How long have they been in business? Do they have a brick and mortar building?  And above all else are they professional?  You can tell a ot by how reputable a company is, by the way they conduct business and how they are perceived online.  

So you have picked your product and you have a few installers that you feel are qualified to give you the best installation, who do you pick?  We suggest that you get a quote from both and speak to them. Ask questions to get a feel of their knowledge and experience. Which is more helpful and tries to educate you rather than trying to give you a sales pitch?  

Lowest Quote... or Not?

Once you have your quotes, they should be rather similar in cost. If one is much lower (lower than 5% or 10%+ than the other, we suggest that you contact another company for a quote.  You want to beware of low-ball quotes. Many "installers" or companies, will often promise you one product but install a cheaper or replica product to undercut a more reputable business. Compare how long they have been in business with the other companies. There are many "Businesses" that will run as soon as you pay them, never to be heard from again. It is the reputable business that has been around a long time, that is trying to grow, that you want to choose. That is primarily because they will have an investment in their own work and future business. It will be highly unlikely that they will cut any corners as to avoid any negative experiences or unsatisfied customers. If they are a certified installer from one of the large manufactures, you can also be assured your investment will be covered under a warranty. 

A ClearBra is a very wise choice and investment, however its success is equal to the choices you make. The choices you make should be driven by your own research and time. 



Jason S Jones