The Car Bra has Evolved

Ditch the leather-looking black car bra

Gone are the days of the vinyl pseudo leather car bar that collected dirt, sand and actually did more damage to the paint on your car than it did protecting it. Today, companies like 3M and Xpel produce one of the most advance protection films in the world. These are a plastic polymer that not only resists dirt, grime and road debris, but they offer UV protection and can out perform films of yesterday. A technology recently invented even give these films self healing properties! The Scotchgard series of films from 3M are made of high strength urethane that is multiple layers giving the top coat a very though clear coat for a glossy finish and an under coat that stretches.

Clear Bra Maintenance

If you had a car bra in the 1980's and 1990's you may remember having to periodically remove the bra to try and clean under and around it. You may also remember the nice little scratch mark between the edge of the bra and the paint. If this wasn't done on a regular basis the bra not only looked bad, but the scratches became deeper. The beauty of these paint protection films or clear bras, is there is not special care or maintenance required. You just wash and wax your car as you would normally.  

Paint Protection is not limited to your hood

The bra-of-old also were limited to where they could be placed. Typlically the hood and front bumper were the only places you could install one. There were variations that covered other parts but honestly looked horrible. With new paint protection film you have unlimited areas to protect.

  • Rocker panels to protect from sand and gravel
  • Trunk ledges from golf clubs, strollers, or perhaps the occasional 2X4
  • Hoods, bumpers and mirror backs 
  • Door handles cavities and door edges from jewelry and keys
  • Full hoods, doors, trunks and roofs

Tune in to our new blog posts and learn tips and tricks and see some of the amazing luxury and sport cars we have protected!

Jason S Jones