When Attention to Details Matters - New Acura NSX Visits Clear Bra Ohio

When Acura decided to build the next generation NSX, they knew it had to be perfect. The predecessor had such a loyal following and was revolutionary when it was released. This new model had to move the technology forward in the same way as the first NSX in a way that would not disappoint the loyalists. 

Enter the 2017 Acura NSX. This thing is nothing short of amazing! As the Acura website puts it,

"NSX TURNS HEADS AND SETS HEARTS RACING. From those who fell for the first-generation supercar in 1991, to those who got their first glimpse in a Super Bowl ad, NSX has always provoked an intense reaction. And when it’s driven, the response is unparalleled. This is a car created with and for emotion, engineered to become an extension of its driver with such fidelity, it’s hard to find the line between man and machine."

With this much attention to detail paid to building this car, the last thing the owner wanted to do was downgrade the car with a paint protection install not worthy of the car. When the details matter, people bring their vehicles to Clear Bra Ohio! Check out the brief video overview of the install and the pictures to see just how great this installation turned out.

So, when the details matter, don't settle for anything but the best possible outcome. You want it to be protected and look great. There is a difference! When you are ready for the very best, call Clear Bra Ohio at (937) 271-8366 or email us at ClearBraQuotes@gmail.com to learn more about our services and pricing.