What is Clear Bra Ohio's Security Deposit Policy and Why Do We Have It?


We wanted to take a moment to explain what our security deposit requirement is and why we have this requirement in place.

First, our security deposit requirement is pretty straightforward. You must pay the equivalent of 25% down on the expected cost of a service in order to secure a spot in the schedule. This deposit is fully refundable as long as you cancel BEFORE 72 hours prior to your scheduled appointment. If you cancel within the 72 Hours of your scheduled time, you will forfeit the deposit.

The reason we have this requirement in place is because of the logistics involved in doing the work we do. Once someone is scheduled for a given time, we are not scheduling other jobs for that time. If you fail to show up, we now have dead time on our schedule that we did not fill as you had made the appointment.

That being said, we will do everything to accommodate you so that you do not need to miss the appointment. We even offer free loaner cars, so please call us if you think there may be a reason you need to cancel. We may be able to work something out. 

We hope that you understand the reasoning for this requirement. We never want to implement this, but we have to be protected from jobs being scheduled and then parties not showing up at the allotted time. If you have any questions, Keith would be happy to discuss this program with you further. You can reach him by calling our main number at 513-580-8365.