We Fix Bad Paint Protection Film Jobs

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Benjamin Franklin once said, “The bitterness of poor quality remains long after the sweetness of low price is forgotten”. That is certainly true in the world of paint protection films! There are varying degrees of product quality as well as vastly differing installation skill levels. At Clear Bra Ohio, we see it all and wanted to create a post to show the differences between what we see coming in to get fixed and the quality of work we provide.

We recently had a Cadillac come in that had paint protection film installed at another shop. There were many visible seams, scratches, tears and some areas that just had relief cuts that didn't even make sense. These blemishes are NOT normal and your car does not need to look this way. We do not make a habit of criticizing other's work, and that is not what this post is about. This post is merely to show you the difference between what some are delivering and what we deliver to our clients.

Recent Job That Came in to be Fixed

Our Work on a Similar Vehicle

You can see the difference immediately. We custom fit every clear bra to make any seams or edges as invisible as possible. The goal is to provide you with a protected vehicle that doesn't appear to have any protection installed. If the protection takes away from the looks of your vehicle, what's the point?

Don't be fooled by a low or sale price. We offer a great value for the quality of work we offer. Contact us and we would be happy to explain the differences. The team at Clear Bra Ohio is the most experienced in the entire State of Ohio with over 18 years installing paint protection films and we stand behind our work 100%. When you want and are ready for the very best, call us at (937) 271-8366 or email us at ClearBraQuotes@gmail.com to learn more about our services and pricing.