Tesla Model X Project - Where Technology Meets Protection

Modern cars don't get much more technologically advanced that the Tesla Model X. When you fully understand this vehicle's capabilities, you cannot help but be amazed. This is truly a slice of the future that is driving the roads now. 

That being said, there are parts of even this technological marvel that aren't that different than a vehicle made in 1987. What I am primarily speaking about is the paint finish of the vehicle. While paint technology has evolved, the durability of such paint has not been dramatically improved in decades. This car is just as vulnerable to paint chips, scratches and swirls marks as anything on the road. So, what can be done to bring the paint finish up to the cutting edge aspects found throughout the rest of the vehicle?

To start with, we had to remove all of the damage that had already occurred by the time the car made it to us. We set out to do a complete paint correction to restore the finish to factory fresh. Once that was complete, we installed an full front end paint protection film by Suntek. Their new Ultra film nearly disappears on the car and comes with a 10 year warranty so that it will stay looking great for years into the future. We also covered the painted seat backs to protect them from the inevitable scuffle with feet and bags getting in and out of the car.

Now, the car was corrected and protected, but it still needed one last step. Without proper finish protection, the vehicle surface is vulnerable to wear and tear that will begin to diminish the gloss and clarity of the paint. To solve this, we turn to a very high tech paint coating called Opti-Coat Pro Plus. This coating will protect the paint and the paint protection film from wear and tear and keep the car looking as glossy as the day we corrected it for years to come. 

I think you can see from these pictures and this video that the results were stunning. The best part is that the car is now set to stay looking that way because of the high tech paint protection film and paint coating that we used. You can protect the paint and keep your car looking great with a paint protection film installation from Clear Bra Ohio. Accept no substitute! There is a noticeable difference between what we do and others offer. When you want and are ready for the very best, call us at (937) 271-8366 or email us at ClearBraQuotes@gmail.com to learn more about our services and pricing.