Range Rover Demonstrates Clear Bra Ohio's Attention to Detail

The team at Clear Bra Ohio has one thing that separates us from all the others. Attention to detail. You see, even if other companies use the same products and we do, the installation is what separates the pros from the others. We just finished up this Range Rover and this was a perfect vehicle to explain the difference. 

As on all Range Rovers, the badge lettering on the hood is all individual separate letters. Many installers use clear bra kit that has cut outs around the letters so that the paint protection can be applied with the letters in place. While that gets the film on the car, it leaves edges as gaps around the letters that are not acceptable at Clear Bra Ohio.

On this car, we removed the factory badge and installed the material underneath and then re-installed each letter precisely. This gives a finished look with no visible seams or gaps. Does it take more time? Yes, but it yields superior results and that is why Clear Bra Ohio Does it that way. Look at the gallery below. Why would you ever want to compromise on a vehicle this beautiful. 

When attention to detail matters to you, there is no substitute for the pros at Clear Bra Ohio. The team at Clear Bra Ohio is the most experienced in the entire State of Ohio and we stand behind our work 100%. When you want and are ready for the very best, call us at (937) 271-8366 or email us at ClearBraQuotes@gmail.com to learn more about our services and pricing.