Ford Mustang GT350 Gets the Clear Bra Ohio Upgrade Package

When a car is as sweet as this Ford Mustang GT350 right out of the box, you might be wondering what could even be done to upgrade it. Well, the truth is that all cars, even high end exotic cars, are not perfect when they are delivered from the dealer. They often have paint defects and imperfections that either were allowed to pass at factory inspection, occurred in transit to the dealer or happened on the dealer's lot. As a result, most vehicle's paint, even brand new vehicles,  can be improved with a paint correction to remove these imperfections.

That was the case with this Mustang GT350. While it looked great from 10ft away, there were flaws in the paint that could be taken care of with a paint correction service from Clear Bra Ohio. That being the case, we set out to "upgrade" this new car with the finish the designers envisioned back in Detroit. We begin with getting the vehicle completely clean of all dirt and contaminants with a wash and clay bar treatment.

We then proceed to do the paint correction. No panel is overlooked as we go over the car thoroughly to remove any imperfections.

Now that the finish is near-flawless, it only makes sense to protect it so that it stays that way. We start this process by applying Suntek paint protection film to the entire front end of the car. This is the area most prone to damage from road debris, insects, etc. while you are driving down the road. We also installed some custom paint protection film pieces in high wear areas to protect the paint. These would include the rockers that you can hit with your shoes as you get in and out of the vehicle as well as the area in front of the rear wheel where debris coming off the front tires can cause damage.

After the paint protection is installed and allowed to cure, we move to the last phase of protecting the entire vehicle's painted finish with a paint coating using Opti-Coat Pro Plus. We take out time to coat the entire car including removing the wheels and coating them and the brake calipers also. This keeps the entire finish protected from damage and looking great for years to come. 


As you can see from the finished pictures and video below, the end result of this process is stunning and definitely was an "upgrade" to this already great car. 

If you are looking to upgrade your vehicle, call us today at (937) 271-8366 or visit our website at to see how to protect and preserve your vehicle while keeping it looking beautiful. There is a difference. Choose the best. Clear Bra Ohio.