Ferrari F430 Gets Professional Paint Protection by Clear Bra Ohio

A Ferrari F430 is a stunning looking car from every angle, and when you have a car like this, you want to use it! However, nothing ruins the look of a car like this faster than a paint chip or road damage. So, how do you keep the car looking great while still enjoying it? You bring it to Clear Bra Ohio to get a paint protection film that will protect the vehicle finish from road debris, rocks, insects, etc.

This vehicle received our Signature, custom fabricated protection on the entire front end, headlights and rocker panels all without any visible seams. This included doing both fenders in one continuous piece so that there is no center seam needed. This is not an "off-the-shelf" install! So, don't hide a beauty like this away in the garage, use it as Enzo Ferrari intended, but use it safely with protection from Clear Bra Ohio.

Also, check out this brief video overview of the project and the final results.

If you have a vehicle that needs protected, don't settle for anything but the best possible outcome. There is a difference! When you are ready for the very best, call Clear Bra Ohio at (937) 271-8366 or email us at to learn more about our Total Vehicle Protection #TVP, other services and our pricing.