Clear Bra Ohio Keeps Your Track Days Fun!

For a segment of our clientele, having a high performance car with track-ready technology actually means taking their car to the track to enjoy it as it was intended. However, if you have ever taken a car on the track, you know that this environment can be harsh on your vehicle's paint finish. What starts as a fun day at the track could end with disappointment that your car's paint was damaged. Because most of these vehicles are also their owners pride and joy for the weekend cruise, they want to have a way to enjoy the track and protect their car also. That is where Clear Bra Ohio come in!

With our signature custom paint protection installations, we can offer comprehensive protection without diminishing the looks of the vehicle. Our installation team uses techniques honed from nearly 20 years combined experience installing paint protection film to hide seams, gaps or edges whenever possible and offer full coverage when that is needed as well. 

When the installation is complete, we can also apply a coating of Gtechniq ceramic paint coating to protect the paint from damage and make the vehicle easier to clean after a long day at the track. Check out these two track-ready weapons we recently completed so that the owners could take full advantage of the vehicle's track capabilities and not be worried that they will be leaving with damaged paintwork.

So, if you have a track-ready toy that you want to use as the manufacturer intended, come to Clear Bra Ohio to add the protection that will keep your track day fun by avoiding paint damage. There is a big difference between price and value. If you want to experience the value only Clear Bra Ohio can provide, call us today at (513) 580-8365 to learn more or schedule an appointment. Find out why we are the #1 provider of paint protection film and paint coatings in Ohio.