Beautiful Cat Gets a Spa Day


I must admit to never being much of a Jaguar person. That was until I got a look at these new Jaguar F Types! The lines on this car are stunning from any angle, so it was expected that the owner of this beautiful car would want to make it look as good as possible. The issue was that this car had already seen some road time before it came to us and it needed to be restored back to it's full glory and then protected so it would stay looking that way.

When a car first comes in, we analyze what needs to be done to make it look it's very best. In this car's case it needed a Spa Day with Clear Bra Ohio. We began the day with a full decontamination the paint via a thorough wash and clay bar. We then spent time correcting the paint and removing any scratches and swirls that it had collected. We completed the restoration phase with a touch-up on any painted areas that had rock or road debris damage.

Once the restoration phase was complete, we move on to the preservation phase. In this phase we covered the newly restored paint with a full front end, custom paint protection film kit. This included the complete hood, number, front fenders and mirrors. This paint protection kit will help prevent this Jaguar from any additional damage from rocks, insects or road debris.

As a final step, We applied Opti-Coat Pro Plus Paint Coating to the entire car to preserve the shine and protect the surface from being damaged by any contaminants. As you can see from the gallery below, the end results were truly stunning. This car looked great when it arrived, but this cat definitely benefitted from a day at the Clear Bra Ohio Spa.

There are plenty of "detail" shops out there that can sell you a quick buff job and send you down the road. These places often do more long term damage to your paint than anything. There is a noticeable difference between what we do and others offer. When you want and are ready for the very best, call us at (937) 271-8366 or email us at to learn more about our services and pricing.