Audi A6 Gets Corrected, Protected and Preserved

After a car has been on the road for a few years it begins to show some signs of wear. The interior does not look or feel as fresh as it once did. The paint has the tell-tale signs of swirl marks from improper car washing or just regular wear and tear. Well, that was the case with this really nice Audi A6. It was in overall nice condition, but it needed to be brought back to that new car fresh state. The owner also wanted to apply protection to keep it looking great once it was looking great again, so we proceeded to correct the issues, protect the vehicle and then preserve it so it stays looking that way.

First, we did a complete paint correction to remove all the swirl marks and paint defects. This not only took out the defects, but restored the shine to the 3 year old paint and made the exterior look fresh off the new car lot. After the exterior was as close to perfect as possible, we applied a full front end protection of Xpel Ultimate paint protection film.

We fully cover the front end and carefully install the film so that you will not see the edges of the product once installed. This can only be done using techniques learned from our techs having well over a decade of experience installing and perfecting their paint protection film application techniques. We even remove the badges and install the film under them. Then we reapply the badge to give you a seamless and factory finish.

Once the paint is corrected and protected, we move to the preservation phase. For this we use Opti-Coat Pro Plus products on the interior and exterior of the car to protect the newly cleaned surfaces and provide a protectant to keep them looking in that newly freshened state. 

Check out this brief video below that shows the highlights of this install.

Now, this beautiful Audi is looking great again and ready to make the owner proud for many years to come. Call Clear Bra Ohio today at (937)-271-8366 to learn how we can bring you car back to life and give you that new car feel again.