1 Year Old Infiniti Goes From Tired to Dialed

This Infiniti was only 1 year old when it arrived at Clear Bra Ohio. Unfortunately, that year had taken it's toll! Car washes and Ohio weather had caused this black paint to look tired beyond the actual age of the car. 

The owner wanted the car to return to it's former glory and look like new again. This required a total of 20 hours of paint correction! The end result was stunning though. We took a tired finish and made it look better than the day it was delivered. To protect that flawless finish and add even extra pop to the shine, we gave the car a full application of Opti-Coat Pro. This paint coating will protect and preserve this finish for many years to come.

If you have a car thats finish has seen it's better days and you want to restore that like-new look again, contact us today! There is a difference! When you are ready for the very best, call Clear Bra Ohio at (937) 271-8366 or email us at ClearBraQuotes@gmail.com to learn more about our services and pricing.