Paint Correction

Paint correction is the art of restoring a vehicle finish to its highest level of reflection through a lengthy and meticulous process. Also known as "polishing" or "buffing" the paint finish of a vehicle to remove imperfections.



 Exfoliating  your skin to remove old dead skin cells to obtain a smooth feel, like a babies bottom. Automobile's paint and finish can be "exfoliated" through a buffing and chemical process to remove contaminates, scratches, spider webbing, etc to obtain a smooth high gloss finish in order to look its best over time. The more you drive your vehicle, the more it is exposed to the elements which can weather and age the finish and paint. Rain, sun, bugs, tar, bird droppings and even pollution can all do damage to the clear coat of any paint or finish. Protecting the skin of your car with waxes or ceramic coatings and proper protective maintenance will ensure your car looks its best over time while protecting your paint to the fullest. You wear sunscreen to protect your face when you go to the beach and similarly your vehicle should be covered and protected as well.

Leveling, polishing and finishing are the three steps involved in properly correcting the paint and finish of your automobile. Paint correction restores, or in some cases creates, exceptional levels of reflection while preserving and enhancing the look and finish of your vehicle. Look and finish are the first things people notice which means your automobile should always look its best to preserve or improve its value or create higher resale.

Whether you are an automotive enthusiast, or you simply care about maintaining the value of your investment, Clear Bra Ohio will offer you a perfectly tailored correction based on your needs with astonishing results.